Iro Karuta

Try creating colors!!

Only 5 color transparent cards to use.
you can create Various colors such as red, green and blue!

Iro Karuta is themed on CMYK color.
Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black and White.

Even if you don't know about CMYK, it's OK because you
have written about CMYK in Iro karuta workbook.

In printing, light colors are created by adjusting
the color density. On the other hand,
in Iro Karuta, where transparent cards with fixed color density
are used, white cards are also used to create light colors.

Try creating the color of Ukiyo-e!
Ukiyo-e postcards are also included in the component.
Ukiyoe is a genre style of painting or wood-block printing
developed during the Edo period. It depicts the Japanese
landscape and the everyday life of commoners.

・Transparent color cards
10 Cyan,10 Magenta,10 Yellow,10 Black,10 White
・Iro Karuta workbook(English)
・rule sheet(English)
・UKIYOE postcard

¥ 4,200

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